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Medico-Psychotherapeutic Center “Labyrinth”
Was founded in year 2002 in Prishtina and has two sectors: prevention sector which deals with the prevention of drug abuse and infectious diseases associated to injecting drugs, such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C; and treatment sector which provides psycho-medical treatment for people addicted to drugs. There are three multidisciplinary centers functioning under the umbrella of NGO Labyrinth: Labyrinth Center in Prishtina and its branches in Gjilan and Prizren.In addition to other projects Labyrinth is implementing the project financed by the EU. Read more

HOPS – Healthy options project Skopje
Vision of HOPS: A society where human rights and freedoms of all people are equally respected and they enjoy social, health and economic wellbeing.
Mission of HOPS: Promotion, respect and protection of human rights and freedoms due to advancement of health and socioeconomic status of all people, especially drug users, sex workers and other marginalized communities based on the principles of harm reduction, through equal access to services, community empowerment, capacity building, researches, analyses and advocacy. Read more

Civic association HELP Gostivar
HELP – is a citizens association established in January 2003 on initiative of other local organization, IPG (Inter-ethnic Project Gostivar). In its beginnings HELP implemented activities to promote health and drug prevention. Then in cooperation with HOPS started the implementation of the needle exchange program for prevention of HIV/AIDS among drug users and their families in Gostivar and support of sex workers. Read more

Center for development and improvement of public life – Tetovo
Civil Society Organization Center for development and improvement of public life Tetovo (CSO CDIPL Tetovo) was founded in 2004 and is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonpartisan CSO formed through free association of citizens to give them opportunity to exercise their personal and collective rights and freedoms. Read more

Association for healthy life styles PULSE – Kumanovo
Association for healthy life styles – Kumanovo is established in 2008 on initiative of HOPS. Work and activities of the association is related to harm reduction of drug using and other psychoactive substances, work and education of drug users, primary prevention of HIV, Hepatitis B and C, cooperation with other NGOs, health and social centers. Read more

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